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Re: No.6 cosplay
« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2015, 02:27:55 pm »
The make-up is always the hardest part for me... I barely use any, so I have no idea. I'm too pale for most make-up brands anyways, basically... the last time I found make-up that actually did match my skintone was during vacation in London. And if you are that pale just a little make up can make you look like you've tried paining on a clown face. That discourages you from trying when you're a teenager... For cosplay I'm now just trying whatever and tutorials on the web and... kinda... look what I end up like.

Would it be too bold to attach a picture and ask for tips on my face? (I wouldn't consider my face very round and from the right angles I tell myself I can pull of a guy not that bad - except for my lips I haven't managed to make them look thinner so far... slapping on concealer does not work that well.)