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Re: No.6 cosplay
« Reply #30 on: December 29, 2015, 11:17:31 am »
I've been trying some of the tips, though it's still a bit of a lucky shot more often than not to get the eyeliner to not look funky.

But here are some of the results. I don't mind more tips or ideas!

The first one I was rather proud of, though I didn't intend to do the make up for Nezumi, but it would fit more for him then the character I had aimed at. I'm wearing a pair of blue contact lenses for that. (If you can even tell, I have a tendency to try things out later at night and then only have the option of bad lighting.)

The second one is a bit more subtle and actually something I am comfortable wearing going out on the street on an everyday basis, but I think that's where I'll be aiming towards for a Nezumi cosplay, subtle but enhancing. No lenses or anything, I still need a pair of grey lenses. I haven't yet seen a pair where I though 'THAT' is what I want.

I still absolutely can't do any 'wings'/extending the line of the upper part out. That always ends up horrible. Make up is no easy art.