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Re: No.6 cosplay
« Reply #45 on: October 07, 2016, 10:33:47 pm »
I finally remembered to come back and view this... I couldn't open the link on the phone app and I didn't have wifi at the time. Anyway...

So I'm super loving the lower lash liner to make the eyes pop! Your eyes definitely look stormy gray like that. I do have a couple pointers on making that work without making your eyes look any smaller (which lower eyeliner does tend to do), and usually with cosplay it's best to make your eyes look as naturally big as possible. Because anime (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I just found this video yesterday and I am definitely using it for future reference. It has a bunch of tips that apply to cosplay makeup, especially for characters like Nezumi who have narrower eyes (so no need for falsies, thank god). I definitely recommend trying out the extended inner eye as well as the tight lining techniques. That will totally bring out your eye color and achieve the "intense Nezumi eyes" look.

As for products, I tend to go cheap and get this one super low price brand called e.l.f. but I'm guessing it's not an international brand. I haven't had much issue with cheaper pencil liners, but the liquid liner and waterline liner have been problems for me. I'd recommend doing a little research on those products before buying any. My eyes water constantly, so I have to use the most waterproof liner available if I don't want it running down my eyelids. My eyes water so much that I have to clean off flecks of tears that my eyelashes flick onto my glasses, and sometimes when I lie down on my side tears just fall out of my eye. Very awkward when I'm around other people. ("why are you crying, Amanda?!" "I'm not, my eyes just do this." "right... so really, why are you crying?") Also for the liquid liner, I haven't found the best stuff for me yet. Mine tends to flake off and look kinda crummy once it's dry. I'm not sure if it's because I have oily eyelids or if it's just junky makeup. So yeah, experiment and have fun! And of course, remember to set your eye makeup once it's done! I really need to invest in some quality makeup setter myself... Someday lol.

If you'd like to make your nose look a bit narrower, there are easy methods of contouring to get that look. I personally have to do this for nearly every cosplay, the only exceptions being Armin from Attack on Titan (he's got a round button nose lol) and my Journey cosplay which I wear a mask for. So here's a video all about how to do that.

I know she uses fancy products for this, but the only things I use for this are cheap bronzer and some white eyeshadow. The reason I go with white for highlighting is because I have super pale skin... The lightest shades of foundation in stores makes me look tanner, but I'm not gonna spend more money special ordering any online. I'm not that dedicated. Feel free to use whatever you'd like for that, whether you're cheap like me or going for higher quality stuff that's actually meant for contouring and highlighting. Bottom line is that the highlighter should be one shade lighter than your skin and the contour should be a shade darker than your skin. Also this step should be done after applying your foundation, and make sure to set it when you're all done!

I'll attach a photo of my contour makeup, before and after comparison.

And one more thing... Your hair looks PERFECT. I internally screamed when I opened the link to your photo and saw your hair. And you're using your natural hair, aren't you? I'm so jealous ;_;