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Re: No.6 cosplay
« Reply #45 on: October 08, 2016, 05:43:23 pm »
Coincidentally I watched that exact video on eyeliner about two days ago. But I never manage to make it look like that, I've never practiced, so I have something to catch up there. I still just do the waterline most of the time. As for contouring I'm working more and more with that, but the lighting and the camera is not exactly optimal, I think it was light from the laptop screen and my phone? Although I am glad my phone kinda clears out the skin.

For the eyes, I still have to get contacts, those are my plain eyes and to get that bigger anime eye look... it's better with slightly larger contacts, because otherwise you have too much emphasize on the whites? At least that's how I feel. And that make up brand you mentioned, no that doesn't exist here. But I've discovered this one named catrice that is fairly cheap but quite alright and another one called essence usually hase some good stuff. The only thing I'm struggling with is foundation, because drugstore brands are not light enough for me. I mostly use a BB cream that has decent coverage that I got on ebay (from Korea).

As for the hair, yes, that is no wig and I want to keep it that way, even though there have been others who think I'm crazy if I want to pull off a cosplay without a wig. But I still think a tight ponytail looks better when it's real and I like my hair, I have a lot, straight and healthily silky hair so I don't feel uncomfortable. (My hair is that one feature I actually like about myself XD) Also Nezumi's little ponytail is actually how I run around at work as well, the time it takes to style that isn't even a minute. Grab, pull up, shake out the fringe and tie, done. So for a convention I guess I'd just set the front with hairspray and so I can redo the ponytail if it gets messy without having to fuss over it for an hour in the bathroom.

Sadly the haircolour I have been using and liking seems to have been discontinued and now I need to find a new brand that I like. (Being naturally dark blonde...) Not quite satisfied with any new one so far...

I've been daring and tried this blue-black that barely had a shine of blue though. (Picture attached, please don't look at my face, I'm not wearing make up at all)
But I think I'd rather look further for another one that is just really deep, dark black, because that also works a bit smoother with my very pale skin tone. More of a neutral to neutral tone instead of a cold one.