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Re: No.6 Monopoly
« on: May 29, 2015, 11:15:31 am »
It would be nice to make it~ but then we'd also have to make tokens for the characters ... and I don't know how to weld metal. XD
maybe we can make a very childish / college cardboard version, but I kind of like just conceptualizing the idea, too. X3

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES OF A NO.6 MONOPOLY. (teeechnically, the whole book is about overthrowing a monopoly. XD; )

I mean, doesn't it sound cute ;u; imagine if the hotels you're building are called "Inukashi hotels" (and he's slowly trying to build a chain of dog hotels in No.6 XD) and the houses are called "Chronos houses" or "Shion houses" or something. jbadkasda
(though it'd also be confusing because some locations would have the same names as the hotel / house blocks. .. >.> sigh, I wish No.6 had more locations..)

I really like those chance card ideas @Weisel XD adasnlda