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Re: No. 6 music
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:51:30 pm »
So many nice songs *-*

I also want to share one...
Sorry, it's just a fandub, lol XD I'm too lazy to search a proper version. That's why the English sounds so horrible. But I just wanted to sing it because the song reminded me of Nezumi and Shion...

Sitting in the garden, walking on the road
I feel so sad, I feel alone
I try to hide the way I feel inside
Can't you see the sparkles in my eyes?

Sadness and fear are waiting ahead
Wherever you'll be I know we'll be friends
Would you be mine if I could melt your heart?
Would you see the sparkles in my eyes?

I'll be waiting for you
I swear I'll be waiting
Come rain or come shine
I will wait for you, my friend
I'll be searching for you I swear
Day and night I will wait

I think there are parts for both of them in this song...
Nezumi's on the road, searching for his own self and maybe he'll start to search his way back to him when he has finally realized that he needs him. Both feel alone. And Shion's sad. (Nezumi, too... probably. XD)
Shion's waiting, and he'll always wait for him, no matter what happens.