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Re: Random NO6 talks
« Reply #30 on: April 27, 2016, 03:58:18 am »
I don't know. I manga it's simply told that Elyurias had enough of NO.6 doings that's why she decided to let an experiment with connecting a human to her finally work out. It just happen that it was Safu.

In anime they make you think that there is more connection between them since Safu also hears Elyurias song. Still this whole scene is make up by anime creators and I don't think it's something to bother a lot.
Still, if this scene was a canon then it could be explained by one of Safu's parents was Forest People. She wouldn't be pure Forest Person like Nezumi, she might be raised in city because half of her family were from there.

Once I was writing the 16th chapter of Not Perfect I realized how similiar are Nezumi and Safu

First of all, they both lost their parents. We are not sure how early Safu lost hers or I missed that information in novels.
Second that they both were raised by grandmother/old woman.
It's interesting to see how, even with almost the same situation, they both grow up. Safu's gran was kind and nice, when Nezumi's was sad and wishing for revange.
It's clear how those two womans influenced those two kids and why they grow up in characters we know.

That's only makes me sure that if Nezumi was raised with warmth and kindness he wouldn't be so broken, agraid and non-trusting later.
He still might be have trauma, losting parents and what NO.6 have done to him put a lot into his doings, but maybe if he would be raised in different way he would acctept Shion's love without pushing him away.

Last thing, as everyone know, it that they both love Shion.