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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 29, 2015, 07:35:30 am »
it would be odd if, after adult, they still being virgin

We live in a society where sex sells. It’s everywhere and normal and when you don’t do it at a certain age, you’re not “normal”. But I think it’s not odd when you’re still a virgin even though you’re an adult. Some people don’t want to have sex, other people want to have sex but nobody wants to have sex with them. X’D There are so many difficult types of sexuality…

But it’s interesting to think about it, especially in relation to the society of No. 6.
Of course there are also different types of people. For example people like Fura-san, who buys sex in the West Block. We know that they don’t have prostitution in No. 6. That means, if you don’t get a lover or partner or at least an ONS, you’re probably out of luck.

Then, you also have people like Karan. She was apparently a bit wilder in her youth (otherwise I can’t explain why she liked Shion’s horrible father…), but since she has her son and his **** father left the city, she probably never got laid again. ^^° Even though there seem to be a lot of men who are interested in her, but she even told Safu:
Quote from: NO. 6 - Vol 2 Ch 4 (b)
"Women can go on living without a man, you know."
Okay, we don’t know what she did when they still lived in Chronos and Shion was in school, but I don’t think she met some guys. And according to Shion he always lived alone with his mother.
Well, then we also have people, society would consider as “normal”… like Renka and Getsuyaku, who live in a relationship, or Safu who seems to be a cis hetero girl. But homosexual couples also seem to be accepted in No. 6. (I mean, no one ever said something about Nezumi and Shion… Karan never said. “Omg, my son is gaaay D:” and I highly suppose that she knows Shion loves Nezumi. Safu asked Shion if he’s gay, but I think it was not in that: “OMG ARE YOU GAAY D:” way, it didn’t give me a negative expression.
In West Block, people seem to accept it even more. Inukashi or Rikiga never said a word, and I’d say even Rikiga saw that there’s…something… between Shion and Nezumi. X’D Especially Nezumi is not shy in regard to showing his affection, e.g. holding hands or even just getting emotional. Then we also have that cleaner guy who tried to hit on Shion and well, even though he didn’t like it, it was not because the cleaner was a man. ^^°

The West Block is of course more open, sexually. Prostitution is common and Nezumi learned quickly that he can use sex…or sex appeal as a weapon to manipulate people.
I have two theories in regard to Nezumi… the first one is, that he’s still a virgin. Some people think that he probably got raped, or that he uses sex as a tool to get whatever he wants. But he’s a good actor and he’s not stupid. I dare to say that he could use his sex appeal as a weapon even though he didn’t have sex yet. He has books, he has theoretical knowledge, and to get some information it’s probably enough to play a bit with his “victim”, maybe a little kiss here and a little whisper there…

But “real” sex is way too dangerous. STDs, vulnerability… it’s just not really safe and Nezumi really wanted to survive. I guess for someone who has such a strong survival instinct, it’s nothing he’d do just for fun. I could imagine he has some other experiences… (Like jerking someone off or something ^^° if it’s really, really necessary…) But well, apart from that he had other problems than taking care of his sex life. XD That’s why I think it could be possible that he’s still a virgin.

The second theory is that he had sex for whatever reason, maybe even some not very nice experiences, but I guess altogether; it wasn’t too bad, since sex seems to be a positive thing to him. (When he tells Shion that he needs to survive because he didn’t even have sex yet… or when he tries to talk with Shion about Safu and her sex demand, or whatever…that he’s so skinny he shouldn’t get naked in front of his lover…) He’s actually really interested in Shion’s sex life. LOL. Ok, one reason is teasing Shion (who really doesn’t want to talk about it, since he’s always changing the topic), maybe a little hint of jealousy? XD Because Shion was closer to sex than Nezumi… or maybe because he likes Shion although he doesn’t know it yet…? XD Well, I don’t know. My point is just, that it doesn’t seem as if sex is something bad to Nezumi. And I think if he really had a very traumatic past concerning **** and abuse, I don’t really think he’d talk about it like that. Otherwise, it could also be a coping mechanism. Who knows… but I think and I want to think that he’s still a virgin, maybe not that innocent, because he did some other stuff, but without sexual act…

Hm… I think Nezumi is bi. I’ve read that some people think he’s asexual, and I really think that he doesn’t have a very huge sex drive… otherwise he’d just nail Shion when they share a bed all the time.

I agree with Lawl’s headcanon about demisexual Shion and also the point that he’d probably like to try it out, just because he’s so curious, but wouldn’t do it, because he doesn’t love the other person and doesn’t want to hurt them. But when you see Shion in Beyond, I could also imagine that he has other problems than sex. XD He’s just working and nothing else. If Safu were still alive, I could imagine he’d do it with her, just because he promised it and he said that his body would react, but it wouldn’t be good… they’d both hate it. ^^° Shion thinks way too much and I think it’s really something very, very special and emotional to him and nothing he’d do very often. His sex drive doesn’t seem to be that huge. XD But it’s there as long as it’s about Nezumi, just think about the death kiss in the corpse pit. ^^°

Nezumi… hm…also 2 theories… If he’s still a virgin, I totally see him trying it out when he’s on the tramp, because…why not. XD He’s curious and sadly…he tries to forget Shion. But I think he’ll feel empty and not that great and… well…I don’t know. It feels good, but it’s not super great.
The other theory… he wasn’t a virgin anymore… he knows how it feels like and doesn’t really need it, so he doesn’t do it, because… god, too messy and you have to get close to other people then and god, it’s way too exhausting and they could steal his clothes or whatever.

But I guess if he’s doing it with Shion one day, it will be the first time he really feels something for his partner and it will probably overwhelm him and scare him to death. ^^°

(Ah…and now Inukashi, since I’ve been talking about all of them… I think they are totally asexual. ^^)

Oh god, I wrote way too much, stop me. ;_;