Author Topic: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion  (Read 595 times)


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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 29, 2015, 09:46:46 am »
Your answers helped me organizing my own theories, thank you :3

I was thinking he would try to do sex with someone at least once, and it wouldn't felt bad - it would be with someone close, not just as a friend but in a way he feels sexual attraction. However, he will understand that something was missing, some deepness to the relationship, and maybe feel a bit guilty also. He can't and don't want to deny is feelings for Nezumi, and will understand that is better to him to wait.  However, as Lawlya said,
He could seriously hurt the feelings of the other party just because he's not all that invested in the relationship since he's in love with some other person.

Shion really cares about others feelings, he isn't much social in spite of being gentle, and I guess all the work he gets after Nezumi's departure will make it worse. Not just sex, having a relationship with someone needs attention and time, something he probably is losing little by little. I don't imagine him losing is gentleness and principles as some people thought after reading the chapter "Shion's days", because we can see him smiling in the epilogue, and I believe somehow he will manage to get a little of free time and accept all the things that had happened until then. Peraphs he accepts also that he really don't want to do sex with anyone else than Nezumi, and he will wait for that too. I hadn't imagined Shion as demisexual yet, but it really fit what we know about him. However, I like the idea of Shion "trying once" just to make certain.

If Safu were still alive, I could imagine he’d do it with her, just because he promised it and he said that his body would react, but it wouldn’t be good… they’d both hate it. ^^°
Maybe not hate, but maybe not also like. Ahiku made a good point remembering Safu. Shion didn't feel that kind of attraction for her, but he also didn't reffuse, what makes me think that, even if demisexual, he could try it for some reasons.

I want to think that he’s still a virgin, maybe not that innocent
It's what I want to think about Nezumi too. Some people imagine a kind of "dark past" to him, putting in that terms - if he didn't make things to seduce and play with someone and obtain what he wants, he may have been abused. But he is good fighting, even when a children. As was shown in Beyond, he finished the group of men (those men who followed Shion's father, and wanted to "have fun" with Nezumi after notice how he's pretty) quickly, looking used to that kind of ask. So I believe he never crossed the line, for questions of desire and also sake, at least before his departure.

As Ahiku said, sex seems to be a positive thing to him. And while travelling, I imagine he could try to have sex with someone he met, maybe even getting a fellow traveler. He is really trying to forget Shion - even if contradictory, as he remembers him all the time, like when he was underwater, or when didn't kill Shion's father because had imagined Shion saying to don't kill for his sake - and having sex with someone else (I keep saying someone because I also believe Nezumi is bi) would be a way of convincing himself that he is making progress. However, after a while, he will realize that it's not what he really wants. 

so he doesn’t do it, because… god, too messy and you have to get close to other people then and god, it’s way too exhausting and they could steal his clothes or whatever.
But I guess if he’s doing it with Shion one day, it will be the first time he really feels something for his partner and it will probably overwhelm him and scare him to death

Haha, it seems like him >.<