Author Topic: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion  (Read 595 times)


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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 29, 2015, 10:34:33 am »
Maybe not hate, but maybe not also like. Ahiku made a good point remembering Safu. Shion didn't feel that kind of attraction for her, but he also didn't reffuse, what makes me think that, even if demisexual, he could try it for some reasons.

Yes, but I think he didn't refuse because, even though he had Nezumi in mind, he didn't think he'd see him again. In the end he never really wanted to have sex with Safu. He said to Nezumi:

Quote from: Shion
"I would have grown up into a mild, rational, obedient adult, without even knowing there were so many emotions inside of me. I would never have known what it was like to cry, or get angry, or feel resistance toward something. I met you, and I realized how much abundance I had. And I'm proud that I know now."

That's why I think that he "wanted" to find Safu 2 years later. He still had Nezumi in his mind, but he thought he'd never meet him again. Safu was about to leave the city and the only conclusion to him was that he should find her then, have sex with her... maybe even marry her. She's his best friend, his closest friend and I'm pretty sure he loves her as well, just not in that way. ^^ But it's like he said... he had to think rational and obedient and he was mild... he'd probably just do whatever she wants, even though he was not feeling that way for her. It would be the most rational decision to marry her. She's his friend, they like each other, they are both super intelligent and could have really smart children together. It would be something the city would approve as well. (Maybe.... I mean he was not allowed to go back to Chronos, but maybe he'd be allowed if he's starting a family... no idea.)

Then, he also had the bee in his neck and the bee suppressed his true emotions, even though they were already there when he was still in No. 6. I mean his mother and even Safu knew that he has feelings for a certain mouse.

Quote from: Safu
"If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have known what it was like to yearn after someone. I would never have known what it meant to love.... I'm glad I was able to know. I was born, and I was able to meet you. I don't regret a single thing. Hm, well, that might be a little bravado. You did tell me once that I had a bad habit putting on a brave face."

Quote from: Safu
"You feel the same way I do, don't you? You're glad you were able to know. You wouldn't be able to live anymore without knowing what yearning and love is like."

That's why I think they would hate it, if Safu were still alive and they would sleep with each other. Because she's still be in love and she'd know that Shion is not in love with her. It would hurt her. Shion would just sleep with her, because he promised her to sleep with her and I could imagine he'd feel very bad for breaking his promise, unless he's finally grown up enough to tell her that it's not possible. ^^ It would just end bad, he'd probably hate himself...he'd feel guilty, they both would feel very bad.  But yeah...without the whole story, without Nezumi showing up again...without the bee acting up, I think they would have married, but I guess they both would not end up super happy.


Ah, concerning Nezumi... lol I could imagine he's sleeping with other people when he's traveling, but every time he share's his bed with someone else, Shion comes to his mind. I mean, he's always thinking about him and I guess it's even worse when he's having sex. X'D He's haunting him, god just imagine Nezumi starting to scream in the middle of sex and running out of the room. XD Or moaning Shion's name instead of the name of that random person.

(Somehow I don't think Nezumi would travel together with another person. He's a loner and... it would be sad, since it was special that he managed to live together with Shion. Traveling with someone else and then even sleeping with that person would mean emotional bonding, attachment and that he's really about to forget Shion and their special bond... ;_; would mean he's letting someone else in his heart.) I think it would hurt Shion a lot, because Nezumi didn't want to take him along. (Let's be honest, Shion didn't really want to stay in No. 6. ^^ And I don't see why he's the one who has to rebuild it. o_o He's just 16... he should finish his studies and enjoy his life a bit before he starts to work ^^ And there are also other people... he's not alone and the city doesn't belong to him. o_o I'm sure he also would like to travel a bit... and of course he'd like to be together with the one he loves.) Nezumi freed himself and put his own chains on Shion... <_< I'd even say he manipulated him a bit. I mean Shion feels so responsible for the city... hm...
Not very nice.

Well, that's why I really hope Nezumi would not travel with someone else... (at least not for a longer time XD I can understand it when he meets someone and they go to the next city together or something like that... I'm pretty sure he'll meet some people and talk to them every now and then. ^^)

God, thinking about this makes me sad. XD