Author Topic: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion  (Read 595 times)


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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 29, 2015, 11:48:28 am »
Okay, I missed a lot of good points so here I am going through the answers chronological xD Bear with me.

I have two theories in regard to Nezumi… the first one is, that he’s still a virgin. Some people think that he probably got ****d, or that he uses sex as a tool to get whatever he wants. But he’s a good actor and he’s not stupid. I dare to say that he could use his sex appeal as a weapon even though he didn’t have sex yet. He has books, he has theoretical knowledge, and to get some information it’s probably enough to play a bit with his “victim”, maybe a little kiss here and a little whisper there…

But “real” sex is way too dangerous. STDs, vulnerability… it’s just not really safe and Nezumi really wanted to survive. I guess for someone who has such a strong survival instinct, it’s nothing he’d do just for fun. I could imagine he has some other experiences… (Like jerking someone off or something ^^° if it’s really, really necessary…) But well, apart from that he had other problems than taking care of his sex life. XD That’s why I think it could be possible that he’s still a virgin.

Yeah, that would definitely be a possibility. I headcanon Nezumi to at least have some ... physical experience beyond kissing but real sex, I'm not sure. Though your theory strongly relies on the fact that STDs are still a thing in No.6.
I mean, they have superior medical treatments, I think you could savely assume that STDs aren't a problem in society anymore?
Additionally, he's really confident in his experiences while talking to Shion about sex and if he's still a virgin, I imagine he would rather bite his tongue off than admitting that xD So we'll probably never know ...

And you can eliminate the danger of vulnerability. Well, I'm conflicted but that's my standard with No.6 headcanons, so ... I can imagine both.

The second theory is that he had sex for whatever reason, maybe even some not very nice experiences, but I guess altogether; it wasn’t too bad, since sex seems to be a positive thing to him.

I actually never thought of that! Good point. I never headcanoned Nezumi to have had bad experiences with sex; he's just too damn cautious to get caught and raped but this strongly suggests that he indeed never did o.o

But I guess if he’s doing it with Shion one day, it will be the first time he really feels something for his partner and it will probably overwhelm him and scare him to death. ^^°

Yep, definitely.

(Okay, I just answered Ahiku in the end but let's be honest: That was one hell of an essay o.o!)