Author Topic: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion  (Read 595 times)


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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 29, 2015, 01:41:35 pm »
Maybe not in No. 6, but do they also have superior medical treatments in the West Block?

I know but West Block wasn't always so ... West Blockery? And people have to come from somewhere and once you invented a cure for diseases like that they die out pretty quickly (take the pox). But yeah, STDs aren't the only diseases you could get through sexual intercourse, I'll give you that ^^

Even though being the active part is probably better to keep in control of the situation. And Nezumi needs to be in control, otherwise it's a life-threatening situation...

Yep, I wouldn't have thought Nezumi has had sexual intercourse with a man before. I mean, like penetrating. Men are just ... likelier to be able to overpower him. He has his mice to stand guard. You can take precautions. It's still risky so it would have been a trade-off of risks and gains but if the situation calls for it ...
It was just an idea though - I totally see the logic in your argumentation, not doubt about that xD

(Okay, I just answered Ahiku in the end but let's be honest: That was one hell of an essay o.o!)

Sorry ;___;

That was totally meant as a compliment xD