Author Topic: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion  (Read 595 times)


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Re: Other relationships to Nezumi or Shion
« on: August 30, 2015, 05:53:55 am »
Ohhhh, this was an incredibly fun read! :D

And while travelling, I imagine he could try to have sex with someone he met, maybe even getting a fellow traveler.
I actually don't think Nezumi could have sex with anyone he's just met. I don't think he's a demisexual like Shion, but I think Nezumi is very, very traumatized and as a child who was told to "never trust anyone," I don't think he'd easily yield to any physical or social contact. The main argument is that: Nezumi trusts nobody (with the exception of Shion). Granted, unless, he changes during his journey and learns to grow up and trust people. ^^; (I mean, ultimately, that IS the desired outcome..)

The second reason that Nez would never have had sex would be his burn scar. Particularly when he was in West Block, before the fall of No.6.
His scar ached all the time and I feel like that would lessen his desire to come into full-body contact with other people, much less show his scar to anyone and have them know his painful backstory. Of course, there are ways to have sex that won't require full-body contact or full nudity, but ... Nezumi's image in my head doesn't seem to be the "type who'd whip out his dick" anywhere. XD; but of course, Asano-sensei can surprise us all. -.- It is possible that after the fall of No.6, the scar aches less now since Nezumi is no longer fixated on revenge... and it'd enable him to have sex and be intimate properly, but.... :3  It goes back to his trust issue.

though, speaking on the topic of sex with others and post-beyond, imagine Nezumi coming back to No.6 a virgin and finding out Shion's had more sexual experience than him. XD *laughs*