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Re: Random NO6 talks
« on: August 15, 2015, 11:22:44 am »
One thing I keep going back to about Nezumi's actions being abusive is SETTING!! Like, of COURSE if anyone was doing the **** Nezumi does in real life, it would immediately be labeled as abuse. But the world of No.6, where Nezumi's family was killed and he was raised in an extremely hostile environment, only allows for basic survival and not a lot of compassion or emotional development. He definitely is left with only "fight or flight" to get him through a lot of things.

And I agree completely, Nezumi does NOT have the abuser mindset. He honestly believes he's doing what he has to do to protect Shion's life. He didn't have any parental figures from the time he was like... twelve? So it's not like there was even anyone to tell him "no Nezumi, don't put knives to people's throats" and even if he DID have someone to raise him then, chances are in the West Block someone WOULD tell him that's the best way to get through any difficult situation. I really don't think he had the chance to grow up without some misconceptions like that.

I'll just outright say it, but I've had a couple people abuse me in my life so I'm pretty good at spotting abusive people, and while Nezumi's behavior in our own personal lives would absolutely be considered abuse, that's simply how he was raised to be and he's not acting that way with the same intentions of an abuser. The big thing is that as soon as he sees what's happening, he tries hard to change it because that's not how he actually had wanted things to be.

My speculation on why Nezumi left was that he felt he was doing more harm than good in Shion's life, and that he felt like he had to do some growing up somewhere else on his own. Of course being the way he is, instead of dealing with those emotions, he was like "it's all in the past and I have to stop feeling things about this matter" as we see in Beyond when he refers to Shion as a thing of the past. That's basically how he's gone through life anyway, with the loss of his family and everything. He treats those pains as something of the past and moves on... which only works temporarily, you lil shithead. Go see a therapist, Nezumi.