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Re: Random NO6 talks
« on: September 20, 2015, 06:53:13 am »
There's no "been" o.o
But they had separated.

Could also be by their own choice then.

Well, Karan tells more about it in "Shion's days".

"Maybe you're right. That might have been an indirect reason. I was young and I wanted him to stop being ridiculous. But ever since he found out that Shion was on the way, he changed a little. All his attention was on the unborn baby, and he even stopped drinking and playing around with women, if only for a short while... he picked up drinking again not long after. But I felt like if he kept on being like this, maybe he would turn into a decent family man. Inside, I was proud. That's why I know he didn't leave the family because of a woman... he had another reason..."

So, he really did care for Shion.

"He was overwhelmed by the fact that No. 6 was gradually―no, actually, quite quickly―morphing as it developed its city structure. He was apprehensive, but he had no idea what he could do about it. Maybe he was afraid. I remember hearing him say over and over to himself, 'This isn't possible. This can't be happening.' Then, one day... it hadn't even been a month since Shion was born... he said to me, 'Let's leave No. 6. We can still escape now. But soon, we won't be able to leave unscathed from this city.' His face was so grave when he said it. He must have given up on No. 6 altogether by that time. He probably thought, 'I can't live here anymore. One day I'll suffocate, and end up taking my own life, or get killed if I don't.' That's why he tried to convince me to escape somewhere far away from No. 6, and start a new life in a strange land, just the three of us."

He had a sharp mind, he had smelled that there was something wrong with No. 6 very early. So yeah... you can think whatever you want then. X'D Somehow they "have been separated", since he was afraid of getting killed. He wanted Karan to come along with him, but otherwise, he didn't try hard enough and just left them behind, where they are probably supposed to die? X'D Ehhh, very nice.
And even though he was loyal during Karan's pregnancy, he didn't change at all. I really don't know what to think about that guy. X'D

I still think Nezumi should kick him in the nuts.

Ah, but also interesting:
We know that Shion's father was chosen to be a member of the revival project team.

So Karan's acquaintance with the core members of No. 6 had not been through Rou. And his father, as a member, colleague, and holder of the same ideals in his heart, had spent his younger days alongside the mayor and those scientists.

Karan knows Rou, Shion's father knows Rou as it could be that she knew the mayor as well.
I wonder if the mayor noticed that Shion is the son of Karan and the nameless father.

That also means when Nezumi lived in the cave, a man who knew Shion's parents and who was a childhood friend of Shion's mother was Nezumi's godfather. o.o Rou taught Nezumi a lot. Wouldn't it be funny if he also had told him stories about a pretty girl he knew when he was still young? X'D