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Re: Random NO6 talks
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:27:16 am »
omg. I was thinking about Shionpapa the other day too.

I think he's just a really irresponsible person; Hence, being able to date / get married and still flirt around, leaving his wife and kid behind, wanting to buy the No.6 leadership just to mess it up.

(makes you wonder why he was ever chosen for office... but is it possible he wasn't like this before? or did political office only show his true nature?... after all, he says:

Anyone who stands at the top of a state will change. If he doesn't change, he'll be destroyed.

That was what he'd told Nezumi about what might happen to Shion, now that Shion's in charge of the committee, but what if he'd been talking about himself? He was also at the top of a state once, so isn't it likely that it changed him? (still doesn't excuse his actions tho)

Quote from: Karan
I was young and I wanted him to stop being ridiculous. But ever since he found out that Shion was on the way, he changed a little. All his attention was on the unborn baby, and he even stopped drinking and playing around with women, if only for a short while... he picked up drinking again not long after.

This quote makes me think that Shionpapa did try to stop drinking for Karan and Shion, but since he was still in political office then, maybe it got too hard for him to mentally cope?
Suppose if Rou and Shionpapa had been close friends (and I can't imagine that they're not, considering Rou and Karan are childhood friends and Shionpapa and Rou work together. They must at least be acquainted and on good terms), then he would've seen Rou being slowly consumed by Elyurias and chasing after power and glory. and maybe the stress and realization of what Man-in-Labcoat and Fennec intended to do that he panicked and started drinking again. It's not really something you can share with your family about a political struggle...

(of course, this is so much speculation. when did Rou meet Elyurias anyway? We know the forest was burnt down four years after Shion's birth - assuming Nez and Shion are the same age)

... I'm too lazy to check the novel right now, but if you look here  at the lovely timeline Miz made, it pretty much shows that Shionpapa was right on the money, if you assume he leaves before Oct 7th, 2001 ("I had a baby that wasn't even a month old yet.") *_* This is so interesting.