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Re: Random NO6 talks
« on: December 05, 2015, 03:03:01 pm »
Wow, I turn on tumblr now and I saw extra pages from limiter version of NO.6 manga and saw this page:

I still wait for release of 6th volume here so I no yet saw this page. I'ts look amazing, it's one of my favourite scene and I knew that it wasn't in manga.
It's nice because it show how big was Safu's heart and that even she knew that Shion love Nezumi, (I think Nezumi was only one who couldn't agree that Shion loved him... but it's different story).

Something was on my mind since I read Kino's talks about how he/she wanted to draw more scenes from NO.6.
I wonder why not?
Why he/she had to rush and draw story from novel in such pace? I don't think they would cancel manga if sometimes artist would slow down and draw more scenes from light novel. Fans would be more happy and I think story wouldn't be drew in first place if it didn't have already some fans.

The same for anime, why so rush, why not make 24 episodes, that's two seasons, the last volume of novel wasn't made so it makes more sense to make first season (12 episodes) and before next season story would be finished and they could show rest of light novel...

But well. Japan adaptations are strange and I never can understood them (most of my fav mangas have screwed adaptations I just have but luck for this XD)

So what you think about this?