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Re: Random NO6 talks
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2015, 09:02:34 am »
I totally agree with you, Miz. o.o
Even though we can't say for sure why they changed everything in the anime or "rushed" the manga, I'm also fairly sure that the main reason is budget issues.
He who has the gold, makes the rules, right?

As for the manga, I also think it's a question of time and limited pages. Hinoki Kino began serialization in the March 2011 issue of ARIA... Aria is a monthly magazine, so the artists have some more pages than for weekly ones, but I think it also depends a bit of the popularity of the manga... o.o Magazins usually have polls, but I don't know if Aria is like that as well... but yeah, depending on the popularity, you get more pages...or color pages. ^^ Or if something very important is happening, you also get color pages and maybe even the cover.
Each artist also has an editor, who also makes decisions in regard to pages...
They talk about each step. The first thing is the storyboard... then sketches... so the mangaka has to redo a lot of things, change the ankle of the "camera", or they decide if they don't need certain pages or not... I bet before they stalk they talk about which scenes they are going to draw in the first place...
It's not Hinoki Kino's fault. :3 I bet she'd love to draw more and longer chapters, but yeah...I mean she said it herself.

I really think she didn't have much of a say... I mean just look at the characters. That's the anime design (but in her own style... but yeah, Shion's scar... Nezumi's ponytail and his clothes... That's toi8's design, not Hinoki Kino's... otherwise I bet it would be much closer to the novel and Nezumi would have shorter hair.

The anime also started it 2011... I wish they had waited a little longer... (Why didn't they wait a little until the manga was more popular... but I could imagine it's because Hinoki Kino was more or less a newbie back then... I don't think she was very famous when she started to draw the series.

But yeah, I also don't get why they decided to change so many things and why they made up so many scenes, especially with Safu. I mean it's nice that we could see more of Safu's life in No. 5, but yeah...I really don't get it. ^^ They made up scenes and left out other important scenes... you can't even say it's a summarize of the novel, because it's so different.
It's actually a bit sad, because I think it could have been much better.

Ah btw... even the last volume of the novel was rushed.