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Re: Random NO6 talks
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2015, 11:38:14 am »
Yeah I get it, I draw myself so I know it's take a time, but from those few pages in sketch version from limited ver of volumes, those pages are pretty much finished, only inking and toning left (well maybe they were made later) but still page like this one with Safu, it's only one page, only one pages was need to shot this great scene from light novel. I wish that pages like this wasn't cut out from manga.
Well it's still lucky since manga show NO6 story pretty good.

As anime, it's cut too much for me to say something. I don't let my fiance to watch anime before he reads manga. When he asked today if Nezumi's mother was shown in anime... I said not, "only in manga we see her (but not her face), in anime she wasn't shown, even Nezumi's gran wasn't there... Not torture scene, no this not that..." and when I think about it then I don't know if anime show 20% of Light Novel story.
It had beautiful backgrounds, movement of characters, voices were amazing... There are few scenes that are amazing, but only that, some scenes that make you feel happy that were animated from LN/manga. And that's all in my opinion.