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Re: Random NO6 talks
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2015, 02:53:43 am »
Hm...he might be a pampered prince, but actually...I don't think that his childhood was super great either.
Shion never really had the possibility to enjoy his life the way he wanted to.
He was just two when he joined the gifted course and I bet it was not his own choice. ^^
Shion and Karan were both completely bored in Chronos...

And look at Shion's room. It rather looks like a bureau, just with a cocoa machine instead of a coffee machine. (I wouldn't even be surprised if Shion were a coffee addict with not even 8 years XD) Shion's room is not a proper room for a kid. He doesn't seem to have personal stuff, apart from good quality clothes and his first aid kid with syringes, needle and treat and antibiotics, which are usually only available by prescription. ^^ Great toys for a 12-year-old kid. If he wants to commit suicide, he just needs to take all his pills or inject air into his veins. <.<

Besides, he was never really safe. It's just an illusion. We don't know when he got that injection with Elyurias's egg inside, that kid was a ticking time bomb. I'm pretty sure, he was chosen to be a specimen, because of his gender and IQ.
He just didn't know that the city patted his head with the one hand and prepared itself to stab his back with the other one. ^^

However, it's true that the first episode showed us that Shion lived an Utopian life and it leaves us as stupid as Shion, since we don't know what we will truly find behind that beautiful facade.
But instead of explaining stuff in the last episodes, they just let us die more or less stupid. ^^ I mean, when you just watch the anime, we know nothing at all...
It was just not enough time for everything, so it's really questionable that they dedicated the entire episode to just one chapter in the novels and even invented additional scenes, for example that awkward birthday party to get the sweater item for later use...
The manga handled it much shorter and I think that you can also see the difference and Shion's thoughts about the city quite well.
I mean, the anime is not completely bad. ^^  I really enjoyed it back then and started to love the series thanks to it, but it's kinda disappointing when you know the novels and manga.

PS: When you dedicate an entire episode to their children forms, they should also be voiced by young boys or women, if you ask me. X'D I don't know how they pay voice actors in Japan, so I can't tell for sure if it would be more expensive...  But Kaji and Hosoya would get a little less payment and the kids/women would get their charge for the first episode instead... So it shouldn't make a bit difference and should still be in their budget. ^^
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