Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2655 times)


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I see Nezumi (if given money and a stable income) as having shockingly expensive tastes that he occasionally will indulge in. He strikes me as the type to enjoy fancy food (as long as there is lots of it and he's getting his moneys worth) and order a frilly-ass desert (if cherry cake isn't available or he isn't feeling like a painful trip down memory lane) simply because he can.

Really Nezumi indulging in kind of nice things post-series I think is humorous. Growing up in West Block he probably didn't get to experience a lot of different types of food, so I can see him being stunned by how good simple but a little pricey things are. I mean, Nezumi going to a supermarket instead of the foul-smelling open air thing West Block had? His head would explode.