Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2655 times)


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Awww, cute is also okay! ;D I like that headcanon.
Shion should spoil Nezumi a bit with fancy fried quail eggs.

Ah, Nezumi in a supermarket would be really cute too. So much food he has never tried before. ^^ (But I think Inukashi would be even cuter then X'D)

I could also imagine that Nezumi likes helping Karan in the bakery, but sucks at baking and makes a horrible mess, for example dusting pastries with way too much powdered sugar, and when he tries to pipe cream into a cream puff the thing explodes.
In the end he's just allowed to sit there, clean the used bowls and lick the beaters (and Karan places him so that he's also attracking customers.)

Ah...can you imagine Nezumi getting fat? XD