Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2636 times)


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@Vox: cute headcanons all the way! Shion not-so-secretly spoiling Nezumi a little after reunion really has to happen.

@Weisel: I'm laughing so hard because OF COURSE Nezumi would consider those pants cool. XD 'No Shion don't look at me I'm unsightly now I HAD TO DITCH THE PANTS'

@Ahiku: Nezumi would throw such a fit if anyone ever would dare to mention he might be gaining weight, I'm pretty sure XD 'I am NOT getting fat Shion how dare you even suggest the possibility' 'I didn't say you were getting fat, I just said you might be gaining a little -' 'how DARE you' (and then he goes on a diet anyway because NO FREAKING WAY. He wouldn't last because Karan's baked goods are just too good, but he'd quickly learn some self-restraint with them. Y'know, as soon as he'd even allowed himself to indulge in food a bit, because years and years of surviving on the bare minimum is hard to just shake off I'd imagine.)
Also clearly Shion would notice that sometime at night in bed, because I cannot imagine him not wanting to get close if Nezumi would allow it. Like they would mostly just snuggle a bit for quite a while, but Shion would crave every confirmation that Nezumi was indeed back and wouldn't sneak out again.

... that wasn't anything near funny, I'm clearly not allowed in this thread.