Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2655 times)


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LOL XDDD Yeah, that's the reason why he had to leave!
Ah, btw... his pants. Karan is some kind of wonder mama, she was able to fix Nezumi's shitty pants. I mean they are beige...and were full of blood and I bet there was a hole in them too, since he got shot in his leg. ^^ Normally you'd just throw that stuff away, especially since it came in touch with corspes. o_o (The other clothes as well. X'D I would never put something like that in my laundry machine. God, just give that kid some of Shion's clothes.)

Haha X'D I think it's funny to think how embarrassed Nezumi would be. I guess he definitely would gain some weight when he's allowed to eat like a normal human. X'D But he would not get fat, he'd rather look a bit healthier. But I guess Shion would love to tease him a bit. Just imagine them lying in bed and Shion is grabbing his side and even though it's more skin than fat he's making a weird sound X'D Something like. "We-weee *squeeze* *squeeze*" He's Karan's son and was able to practise it all the time not to eat until he's gonna explode. (But well, somehow I get the feeling Shion is just a small eater. Especially when he has a lot of work to do... Karan said that he's getting thinner and thinner in Beyond. .___.) Nezumi is rather lazy and he's always the one who's ranting because he's hungry.
(For examle when that seller lady gave them extra cheese. He was complaining that it wasn't enough and that he's still hungry. Well, he's a boy... they can always eat tons and tons. XD But Shion was like. "Eh, you ate 2 slices of bread... o_o WTF.")
Karan's bakery is like the land of milk and honey. :D

... and Shion and Karan enjoy it to spoil him. X'D Sorry, Nezumi, but you have to get rid of your pants. (Haha, that's THEIR reason. They hate his pants, that's why they feed him tons of food.)