Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2655 times)


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@secretagentfan OH MY GOG THAT FIC (Your friend's observations about school bathrooms are spot on. seriously.)

Also, about the whole Nezumi getting fat on pastries thing. Do you think that thinness would really be as glorified in No. 6 as it is in our society? Because I would have to disagree with that. Think about it - in the West Block, being fat would be a sign of health. In the city itself, what they probably glorify is muscles. Not thinness, but health. Why? Because the most fit can serve the city best. HOWEVER, this could still be funny. Because it means that Nezumi and Shion would have different ideas of what body types are most attractive. That might even be why Nezumi teases Shion about being skinny all the time. So if Shion put on a little weight, Nezumi would actually be pleased, but Shion would think Nezumi was making fun of him. Or if Nezumi put on weight, Shion might tease him about it, and Nezumi would just brush him off like, 'you have terrible taste, what do you know??'

Okay here's a good headcanon for you: If Nezumi shows up at Shion's door in 3 or 4 years in the same damn pants he left in, then Shion is going to instigate an official pants-burning party. To destroy those wretched rags and get Nezumi something sensible. Hell, by that time, Inukashi is probably dressed better than Nezumi. Please. I need this to happen. I can't stand the thought of Nezumi wearing that **** for one minute more.