Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2636 times)


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@Vox: ah yeah, good point... though I do seem to recall Rikiga getting sort of shamed for letting himself go in every sense, including having gained weight (and Shion wasn't super complimenting his mother on having put on some weight either - though I guess the description of Rikiga is from Shion's POV, but he's also kind of judged for his weight in the guide. Then again, the guide just doesn't like Rikiga very much XD). But you're right, Nezumi is indeed all 'you're a twig you need to eat more' to Shion, so that could definitely be a No. 6 vs. West Block thing. Super interesting and sorry for letting real world body shaming slip in there...

Those pants definitely need to go the minute Nezumi gets back, that's for freaking sure.
... which came out more nsfw than I actually intended but hey, let's roll with that <<
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