Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 2636 times)


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XDDD Ah... I'd love that so much. X'D *puts it on my to-draw list*

20cm heigh difference is cool... That's not a head taller, but Nezumi could press his nose against Shion's hair without difficulties when they embrace each other! And he could kiss Shion's forehead because it's right in front of his mouth. X'D I think he'd love that.

Haha, and when they reunite, Nezumi is looking in the window of Shion's room and Shion thinks he's standing on a stool, because he knows that the window is quite high. But then he realizes that Nezumi's not standing on a stool and his little world falls apart. He'd pout at least 2 months. (I mean it was always super important for Shion that he's taller or at least nearly as tall as Nezumi. X'D)

'You used to be so cute and small!'
Haha XD Yeah... he'd say that when he's pouting for 2 months.

X'DD Or.... they reunite...and Shion is crying. And Nezumi is like. "Ah...don't cry. I'm back... and I won't go away...I promise."
Shion: W....what? That's not it! Why are you so tall! ;____; I want to be your equal! That's not fair!
Nezumi: <,< You're still such a child, Mr. I-lead-the-city! *shoves his arms under Shion's arm pits and lifts him up* Better, Your Mini-Majesty?
Shion: o____o