Author Topic: Stupid/Funny Headcanons (no matter if pre, post, reunion, AU)  (Read 3497 times)


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After just browsing the whole thing. There are quite some gems in here.

The video game idea though made me think of another option. I could imagine Nezumi react like I mostly do. I can handle a fight (martial arts as sport) and run around a forest no problem (grew up surrounded by them), I've got good fine motor skills, but I've never played video games growing up. So if you give me a console... Let's just say because I'm used to do stuff with my body, I've got a conflict with the idea of 'jump' meaning I press a button... I'm that weirdo that starts almost throwing away the controller/falling off the couch/flailing around, because I try to DO what I want the figure to do, especially when I get into tight spots.

I can imagine he'd start out like that as well...

And you've talked about them brading each other's hair. Well, I can actually see how Lili herself gets the idea to braid Nezumi's hair, when she realises he has such long and pretty hair. And Shion tries to convince him letting her play with his hair. Which he ends up doing, grumbling about it, though. But yeah... 'whatever'. (It's nice seeing people happy after all. Especially Shion and children.)