Author Topic: The best of No.6 RPG generator  (Read 430 times)


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Re: The best of No.6 RPG generator
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:12:56 am »
Aww, they are great. :D I put the other ones I've already created here... The first one is really cute... the second one is cheating. X'D This program has read No. 6, I'm pretty sure about it.

Shion and Nezumi decide to go camping.Nezumi reads the map upside down and they both become terribly lost.

Shion: O_O I thought you were a wanderer!
Nezumi: ......
Shion: Don't tell me you needed 6 years to come back to me, because you were too stupid to read the map?
NezumI: Shut up! >-<

A prophecy foretold that Shion would be the only one who could defeat the evil Nezumi.
*rolls in the floor* X'D

Shion taking care of an injured Nezumi.

That's cheating, programm. o.o

Shion and Nezumi got handcuffed together and lost the key.


Shion and Nezumi get separated in a place that's easy to get lost in. They need to reunite.

Word, program, word! They need to reunite!