Author Topic: The best of No.6 RPG generator  (Read 425 times)


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Re: The best of No.6 RPG generator
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:50:07 am »
Omigosh I was always wondering where people even got those! This is great~ I can't stop clicking haha.

@Ahiku: Nezumi getting lost makes a lot of sense if you take his voice actor into account XD (I know you don't like Free! but iirc Sousuke was also terrible at directions so I've seen the joke made, haha)

Shion is a super hero hiding their secret identity from Nezumi.
How the heck would he do that he's as subtle as ten bricks XD

Shion as a film noir detective and Nezumi as the desperate client.
... maybe I should switch them around, haha.

Shion, a knight in shining armor, must rescue the distressed Nezumi.
I'm sorry I should really switch them around by now but I AM LAUGHING SO HARD HELP

Shion and Nezumi fighting together, back to back.
Shion discovers Nezumi's terrible secret.
Shion comforting a sad Nezumi.
Nezumi and Shion dancing.
Nezumi and Shion meeting after they haven't seen each other in a very long time.
This thing is cheating indeed. XD

Nezumi is about to do something stupid. Shion does not think this is a good idea.

Nezumi and Shion pretend to be in a relationship for the purpose of an undercover mission.

Shion and Nezumi taking care of a bunch of orphan puppies and/or kittens.

Nezumi mourning over a dead Shion.
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