Author Topic: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D  (Read 712 times)


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Re: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D
« on: May 20, 2015, 08:28:53 pm »
So I was curious when I got into No. 6 exactly and upon rooting through my tumblr date settings it was somewhere around March 2012 when I first posted any No. 6 stuff. SO THERE IT IS! I remember having trouble finding the last episode because I watched episodes 1-10 on various sites and NO WHERE had episode 11 so. I had to watch the ending with spanish subs on youtube and guess.

(I was actually looking for another anime, but the only thing I knew about it was that it was 'sad' and both of the main characters were male, and one had white hair. When I saw the opening had two guys and one had white hair I thought it was right. I still don't know what the anime I was looking for but I'm glad I found No. 6)

...I enjoyed it so much that I made a terrible ask blog that absolutely no one noticed or kind of covered their eyes and looked away from. WHICH I wound up deleting it after a week so NO ONE COULD EVER FIND IT eVER. it was so bad seriously oh god.

Then I took a break from No. 6 for a little bit but the ending really bugged me because bees? And then I found out their were novels and I had to find a translation of them. I wound up reading the translations off and on, but it was kind of a dry period because I was bad about keeping up with the updates and I didn't understand the fandom back then (I kind of wish I got to see a lot more of the artists and stuff that left but I didn't really, I only casually watched the No. 6 tag on tumblr)

A couple years ago I /still/ loved No. 6 and I came back to it. I restarted the novels and for some reason they hit me a lot more. Then I started shamelessly stalking the tag, read more fic, reread the novels, wrote some fic never written for any other fandom but No. 6 is something special.

So YEAH that was way too many words to describe something so simple.