Author Topic: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D  (Read 712 times)


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Re: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D
« on: May 21, 2015, 01:48:31 am »
First I saw some fanart I think on Polish anime/manga memes page. I liked characters look and thought that they look good together, but I wasn't in yaoi couples for years so I let it go.
Always when I was checking amazon for pandora hearts manga, magi or other titles, amazon kept trow at me NO.6 manga as recommendation, still I kept away from it. 
Just when one of our polish publisher announcement that he will release NO.6 manga I thought I check it. First volume didn't amazed me but as more as I started to read, as I watched anime I just was lost, I fell in love with it.
And fandom, holy good how nice is NO.6 fandom, I don't think I ever saw so many good quality fanarts from any fandom I was until now. It's first fandom I really like read fanfiction and they are in 70% good quality.
And this fandom is so cute. My last fandom was all complain, complain, I done many thing in it and always feel like I was alone in all my projects. Here, only thing is hard complained is Nezumi's leave (you idiot!), it's warm, there are people who give a hand. It's really fun.

Did I say that after anime/manga end I laid down bed for week like a dead fish? XD