Author Topic: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D  (Read 712 times)


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Re: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D
« on: May 22, 2015, 08:41:25 am »
@ghosty: omg, you're on the last stretch of the novels? *prepares a tissue box for you* XD

@Weisel: Senpai status!!! :D It's nice to hear that you've loved No.6 for so long though~ ;u;

@secretagentfan: OMG you watched it in Spanish?? XD T-that's real dedication, haha!! AW, it's great that you're back. ^_^ and there's nothing shameless about stalking the tags... XD;; *totally guilty as well*

@kare_reiko: LOL YOUR DEADFISH COMMENT. I feel like we can all relate to that... Hahaha, the things No.6 does to us. T_T

@jjbinkes: Ohh!! If you watched the anime, then have you read the manga or novels? I highly recommend them; they'll make you cry all over again. X3

I actually heard of the series a long time ago (around the time when Allen from D. Gray Man got his Crown Clown? if that makes sense to anyone). I was a fan of DGM and the No.6 fandom sometimes leaked into it because the character designs were very similar, but I wasn't interested back then... I'm pretty sure I tried reading a few pages of the first chapter and I just wasn't captivated... I was too young and immature to understand the complexities of Utopias and long sentences, hahaha.
BUT THEN, this past December, a friend of mine had reblogged the second kiss on tumblr and I was bored and curious .... and now life has never been the same since. XD I quickly combed through as much of the manga as I could find, skimmed parts of the anime, and read all the translated volumes by 9th avenue. X3

I think this is only the second fandom that I've fallen so in love with, so I'm very happy I could find it~ XD