Author Topic: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D  (Read 712 times)


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Re: When and how did you become a No. 6 fan? :D
« on: May 28, 2015, 01:22:52 pm »
Ahhhh okay I love this one

Last summer I got into anime somehow and I made a blog on Tumblr and followed this amazing person who blogged about No. 6, and I asked her which anime was and what it was about because it looked interesting :3 and I think I hadn't even noticed the gay yet lol, so she explained what it was about and I started watching it and WOOO it was so lovely, and then I read the manga (which was nowhere to be found in its complete glory *throws socks*) so eventually I started reading the novels and believe me when I say that I never cry at series or books or whatever (I think I hadn't even cried when I watched the anime (please don't kill me) though it was a close call) but I shed tears when Nezumi left in the novels :( ugh I felt sad for days honestly...

But yes that's my story and these two dorks still make me squeak when they appear on my dash :')