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How much symbolic power plays
« on: August 30, 2023, 04:24:59 am »
 While the export estimates for the period 2017-2022 of the Confindustria "Export la Dolcevita" study for this sector are 23.5% towards Europe, 38.6% towards the USA, while towards China ( period 2015-2021) is 63.7%. Back to index The world market Even from a global point of view, the entire furniture industry (interior design) achieves very high results , which has had very limited effects on the sector, probably due to the fact that the lockdowns have increased the weight of the "home" in life of everyone.

According to the Light Industry Study Phone Number List Center (CSIL) 20 , between 2020 and 2021, there was a doubling of the volume , reaching a worldwide amount of about 500 million dollars. And in 2022, this figure is expected to be exceeded. But a further and fundamental field is that of logo design . We are well aware of the importance of the logo and brand from a point of view not only from a corporate and therefore economic point of view, but also from a communication point of view , understood in the deepest sense, and therefore mass psychology.

In fact, we saw in a previous article 21  a decisive role in the world of production, sales and marketing in general. Well, it is essential then that this logo, this symbol, is well designed, so as to remain imprinted in the minds of the producer/consumer. Among the most famous logo designers we have: Milton Glaiser, designer of the famous I Love New York; Paul Rand for IBM; Lindon Leader for FeedEx; Carolyn Davidson for Nike; Ruth Kedar for Google; Walter Landor for Levi's; Paul Scher for Citibank; Rob Janoff for Apple; Saul Bass for Bell; Raymond Loewy; Alan Fletcher for Reuters; Michael Bierut for Old Stones Design 22.