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How to post your artworks


Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, the West Block category has 3 boards dedicated to artworks. Basically, "Nezumi's Underground Room" is for writings, "Inukashi's Hotel" is for drawings, and "The Theater" is for audio/video.

If you want to post your artworks in these sections, please don't hesitate! We will all be happy to discover them!

In order for everyone to spot your art quickly, you can create masterposts for your art:
- The first post will contain a summary/list of all you artworks, which you can edit whenever you post a new one. This way, anyone looking for your art will have easy access to it from the first post of your masterpost.
- The rest of the topic can be used by everyone else to discuss your works, and of course by yourself to inform us whenever you post something new.

For your drawings, there is a gallery available on the forum:
Each user gets their own gallery, so you can post your drawings directly in your gallery, and put a link to it in your masterpost.

I hope this is clear enough... This way the categories won't become too messy and it will be easy to find all the works by a specific user.

I'll leave this topic open if you have any question or suggestion!


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