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Is it about finding a keyword with high
« on: August 30, 2023, 04:16:57 am »
Search volumes Is it about doing what the the successful people are doing? Is it about doing what everyone else is doing, but just being better at SEO than they are? Possibly, but this type of thinking is more to do with tactics than opportunity. A marketing opportunity is better evaluated for a higher level. Take the 5,000 ft view. Ask: Can I supply something in short supply? Can I improve on an existing product or service in way that is considerably superior? Can I supply a genuinely new product of service? For example, there is a market opportunity.

For search engine news. Is it a good opportunity for a new entrant? Probably not, as this market is saturated by established players. The audience already have their needs met. However, there might be better opportunities for news on, say, 3d printers, or some other emerging technology where there is a need, but it isnít Phone Number Data well served. Of course, these opportunities can narrow over time as more and more people see the opportunity, and move into the space. Perhaps the most lucrative opportunities score highly in each area.

They are in short supply, they are relatively new, and you can improve on something people already do. A good example would be the iPhone. When they came out, there was only one iPhone, they were new(ish) idea for the target market, and they integrated functions people already performed, but did so in a superior way. Itís little wonder Apple could charge such high margins on them, and it took competitors a long time to catch up. Anyone releasing a smartphone today would have to improve on those areas - price point is probably the obvious opportunity.