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...Hi. Happy summer everyone!

Popping out of the woodwork again and I hope this is the right place to post this, but I was thinking about the old kink meme and I thought it might be cool if we could bring one back? I have no idea how to manage the logistics but I figured stating that I know a few folks who would participate and suggesting the idea is probably a good place to start!

For those that don't know a kink meme is defined by TV tropes as:

"A fandom and shipping phenomenon, most of them based on LiveJournal. A Kink Meme is where a user (usually anonymously, though the rules on this differ between kink memes) posts both a pairing and a kink (or some kind of basic plot setup, or some other stipulation). Another user then anonymously fills this request with either art or FanFic.
While kink memes, true to their name, usually contain plenty of smut, it is usually permissible to request Fluff or drama fic with no sex or shipping elements as well, making this somewhat an Artifact Title."

I personally am a fan of anonymous kink memes, I find there's more requests and more people writing then. It's a good place for people who are inexperienced in writing smut who want to give it a shot without judgement or for folks that are looking for very specific prompts to get filled. So, folks who don't like reading smut don't have to ask for it, and can still be happy.
I'd definitely help write, if folks are interested.

Again, no idea how to set it up. LiveJournal's not what it used to be and the formatting there is so confusing I don't know if we'd place it there but I think it would be fun--- and I'll help out however I can.

Just tossing the idea out there!

Someone could set up a side blog and we could advertise it on the RC blog? Maybe? Then people could submit anon asks for topics, and then people could submit and it would be published anonymously (I know a bit of trust from the blogger is required for that but I don't think that's a big deal).

@secretagentfan if you wanted to set up a blog like this, i'd be willing to co-run it with you.

Sure! I'll see about getting it done sometime this week! c:

Thank you Weisel!

If you want me to set it up and make you a mod as well, I can get it done. Then you can make any changes you want. I don't have a tight schedule at all. :)

!! Well if you're willing that would be 100% grand! Thank you so much, you are a champion!

Anything you want me to do? Need some research on Kink memes, history, google searches, a cheering squad?


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