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Technologies for Smart Cities
« on: September 10, 2023, 06:38:06 am »
In short, the SDP did not finally develop to its full extent, as the decision was made that this embryonic European defense would be coordinated with NATO , an organization that, in all EU documents , continued to play the role of undisputed pillar. of European defense.

In December of the same 1999, a new meeting of supporters of European Phone Number List will take place at the Helsinki Summit, where the so-called Petersberg Missions were approved.4, with the aim of maintaining peace through humanitarian interventions, in crisis management and with the capacity to act outside the North Atlantic. But once again these forces were linked to NATO through an operation called Combined Joint Operational Forces, which would allow the European Eurocorps Forces to have access to NATO resources.

NATO 's continued expansion towards Russian borders was accompanied by the United States' rupture of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty ( ABM Treaty ) in 2002.5signed with the USSR , which limited the installation of missiles and anti-missiles in Europe in order to avoid a nuclear war and which was based on the so-called "mutual assured destruction", something that despite the terrifying definition was effective. By breaking that treaty, the United States intended to launch an Anti-Missile Shield in 2015, composed of spy satellites, radars and missiles intended to detect an attack by Russia against the United States.