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The cat turns around
« on: September 09, 2023, 05:30:57 am »
Now older citizens are also a target group. They need to buy themselves something that can purr and meow. robot mis  Not just children who have to play with robots. Our senior citizens must also have their own robot in the form of a pet that they can puzzle over. In any case that is the philosophy of the toy giant Hasbro which otherwise makes most of its money by selling toys to little girls and boys. Whether there is a market for robot toys among the elderly and lonely Hasbros new Joy For All series must show this Christmas.

Hasbros idea is computercontrolled cats that dont poop or need to be fed anything other than four Csize batteries once in a while. On the other hand the robot misses must be programmed so that they Phone Number List can react as a normal pet would. On caresses luring calls etc. robot cat  If you scratch the robots head it will automatically move towards the hand for more. And if you give it may very well happen that to be scratched on its stomach.

If the cat is left alone for a few minutes it goes to sleep closes its eyes and keeps power consumption to a minimum. The cats are equipped with a welllike coat. They can purr and meow. And they can  according to the manufacturer  deliver a comforting and cheerful experience that inspires smiles laughter and lovely memories for all ages. Hasbros cats probably dont have quite the same abilities as Sonys famous Aibo robot dog but if youre primarily looking for an artificial pet to hold in your arm the Joy For All misses are probably perfectly fine.