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Weights are changing for Microsoft
« on: August 30, 2023, 11:07:11 pm »

So we had to add additional caches for reading data from the SD card and generally changed the way the device works with it to decrease the number of requests." Flipping Into the Future I freely admit that my Flipper Zero was a FOMO-inspired impulse purchase. I'm not a professional penetration tester, and I have a fourth-grader's understanding of electronics. I don't regret getting my Flipper, but I have wondered how long it will continue to be useful. Adding an app store ensures that the Flipper Zero has the potential to grow—and helps amateurs like me do more without getting my hands too dirty.

, color palette, style, and line365 users. Matthew Humphries By Matthew Humphries July 24, 2023 Microsoft 365(Credit: Getty Images/SOPA Images) Microsoft 365 users will see a USA Telegram Number Data new default theme applied to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in the not too distant future. The new theme is currently available to Microsoft 365 Insiders on the beta channel for Windows, Mac, and Android, and consists of changes to the default font, color palette, style, and line weights across the four main Office apps. For the font, Microsoft decided to replace Calibri and offered Insiders five alternatives called Bierstadt, Grandview.

Seaford, Skeena, and Tenerife. The winning font is Bierstadt, which got renamed to Aptos, and offers a range of weights and variants (narrow, serif, monospace). Microsoft 365 Aptos default font (Credit: Microsoft) Microsoft also selected a new default color palette, which is designed to help you "easily create accessible content." Line weights have been tweaked, with the default weights being increased as Microsoft felt it "improved the consistency between shapes and lines, and added better contrast." Finally, the default style has been refreshed for Word documents and Outlook emails.

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