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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« on: December 13, 2014, 02:53:49 pm »
@Ahiku: Ahh, I was wondering why I suddenly got a note on that post, haha. Glad to be of service~
Still surprised I couldn't find Hamlet on there, though. I'll take a look again next week, but those pages are super dark >_<

It was indeed Hamlet, by the way. From volume 3:

A brown mouse poked its head out from Nezumi's shoulder. It jumped down on the floor, and scurried up Shion's body.
"Hamlet, did you come along too?" Shion said to it.
"Hamlet? What're you talking about?"
"It's his name. Because he likes to be read Hamlet out loud."

I keep forgetting, but Hamlet is brown in the novels. From the guide:

One of Nezumi’s mice. It was named Hamlet as it loved tragedies and would often pester Shion to read him Shakespeare’s work. Its fur is light brown leaning towards grey.
▽volume 3, page 46.

@Weisel: I laughed out loud at your retelling of the robotic mice, hahaaa oh my gosh XD