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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« on: December 13, 2014, 05:05:23 pm »
@lawlya: crossover fic?! I'm all ears~ This definitely seems like the topic for these kinds of discussions! Sounds like @this-is-our-truth's idea for originally creating this thread, after all.

@Weisel: it's only mentioned once or twice that Hamlet is brown, and all official art has depicted him as white, so it's super easy to miss. I doubt I would have caught it if it wasn't for the translations. I think Hamlet is still quite a bit lighter than Cravat, though. The mice have three different shades of grey (ahem) in their mission records (self plugging XD but it comes with scans here) and Hamlet is definitely the lightest, at any rate. The art just upped it by making him white and presumably easier to tell apart.
Oh well. Pretty much all character designs are at least slightly different from how they're described in the novels, so Hamlet as well I guess ;)