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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« on: December 14, 2014, 04:17:01 am »
(Depends on how easily you're hurt ... It's Madoka, what do you expect xD?)

Yeah, that was one thing I was unsure about - not everyone deems bumblebees less threatening than wasps xD But okay, good to see that it makes a difference to you ^^
Oh yeah, that moth is absolutely stunning! Thinking of Elyurias as a moth, I instantly thought of the colour gold ... Something like this maybe:

What do you think of giving Elyurias a sort of host body that they, as an alien species in the Madoka universe, created to protect their true bodies? Kyubey is still a rather mysterious character; you don't even know whether their bodies are their real ones or just puppets ... Each time one gets killed, another pops up - could be the same with Elyurias; everytime one of the host bodies is destroyed, you see a little black wasps escape before another appears nearby ...