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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2015, 05:00:50 am »
@lawlya: oh wow I even forgot this thread was floating around too! Whelp. Sorry about that.

Wow, that is one very interesting question (or well, 3) you have there... Hm. Hmhmhmmm. Let's see.

Shion: for brightness, I'm going with light; more specifically, dawn, as a bright sun is rising. (I have a lot of feelings about light/darkness in No. 6, but I'll keep it simple to avoid writing entire essays.) Nezumi canonically compares him to light, and Shion has been giving hope to those around him. I'm - I need to stop here before I end up writing that essay.
Taste- whoa, that's a difficult one. A soft kind of sweet? Not overwhelmingly cotton-candy sugar sweet, but still sweet. Rather milk chocolate than white. Dango?
Sensation: hmm, smooth I think. Definitely warm. I'd imagine he's also a warm presence as in a warm kind of person. Cuddly. I'm actually tempted to say 'dango' again, only less sticky XD Poke him with a stick and he bounces right back into shape, that feeling.

Nezumi: going with dusk for brightness. If only because I'm never going to be able to shake off my initial thought that 'Eve' referred to the time of day and not the biblical figure. -facepalms- and lots of other reasons, but yeah. Essay.
For taste, a little bitterness that you learn to appreciate. Really, really dark chocolate. Matcha/green tea. Something like that. (... apparently I have cravings for Japanese foods today, hohum.)
Sensation: colder than Shion, but still surprisingly warm if you get close enough. Hard around the edges, increasingly so when agitated to the point of being impenetrable; poke him with a stick and the stick breaks. Marble-like?

Safu: a partly clouded midday with open spots in the clouds the sun keeps peeking through. Just cloudy enough to make you feel a bit melancholic, but still bright as the sun will show its face from time to time.
Taste: something inoffensive, but still with body. Plain white rice, salmon. Milder tastes, at any rate. Nothing overly spicy of sweet.
Sensation: I always want to hug her so I'm not objective when I say soft and smooth, ahem. I still think so. Colder than Shion, but way softer than you'd think based on that.

Inukashi: the light filtering through the leaves in a forest on a sunny day. Splotches of sunlight and shadow. (Actually that fits Nezumi too, but then under the late afternoon sun, making the shadows darker and the sunlight less overwhelmingly bright.)
Taste: something with a bite. I'm torn between calling Inukashi the sweet one or going with more bitter tastes. Something outspoken, though. Ah sorry I can't be more specific here for the moment.
Sensation: very warm, but hard - not as hard as Nezumi, but still. Less marble and more - well, whatever is one of the softest kinds of rock. More mouldable, closer to wax.

Did that help a bit or even make any sense at all? It's hard to put these things in words - as it turns out now that I start thinking about it, I do have some ideas about this, but it's hard to put them into words, especially sensation.

I am very curious what you're planning to do with these now, haha ;)