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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2015, 07:06:53 am »
Ah, I agree a lot with listenforthelove… I think she’s describing them very well. O.o

Shion is definitely bright, most of the time at least, but he also has his shady sides. So I’d also go with dawn. I think he’s the brightest and it’s a refreshing brightness. He reminds me of a warm spring day.
So yeah, he’s warm and sweet. But like listenforthelove said, not overly sweet. Warm and sweet and soft, maybe like a fruit with a pit inside. When you bite that pit, he gets a little bit bitter…

Nezumi is grey… so yeah, dawn. He’s more dark than light, but not completely dark and if he can also play with light…  Eve is brighter than Nezumi. I’d also say he’s bitter, just like listenforthelove said. Like dark chocolate or tea – bitterness you can learn to appreciate. When Shion is a warm spring day, I’d say Nezumi is more like an autumn day with changeable weather. He could be cold or pretty warm, not as warm as Shion, but he can be very gentle. Maybe like a rubber ball, it’s hard, but also slightly soft… and not totally solid when you try to squeeze it… if you throw it, it can get really hard and you can hurt someone with it, but you can also destroy it easily, for example with a knife.

Ah, I also think Safu is like a cloudy summer day… She can be very straightforward and also a bit embarrassing, so I could imagine it’s the air of that summer day is heavy, but then a fresh breeze arises… since she can also be very understanding. I’d say she’s umami. XD Not sweet, not sour, not salty, not spicy… but umami. Savory and tasty. Hm, I’d also say she’s colder than Shion, but still warm and also soft.

Inukashi reminds me of a warm summer day. Bright, but there are also shadows. I think Inukashi gives off a pretty warm atmosphere… And I’d say slightly spicey, sweet – spicey… maybe like a Chili with sweet corn and beans but with a subtle spiciness. Hmm…but maybe also bitter… I don’t really know. XD @listenforthelove
Hm, something like clay? You can form it easily… if you burn it, it can be pretty hard but also fragile. As long as it is soft, it’s pretty moldable. It can be soft, but also hard. Depends… I think that’s fitting.