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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2015, 09:25:17 am »
Whoops, I wrote my interpretation "essay" while I was at work with too much free time. ;~; sorry it's long.

1. (Brightness) To me, his aura is darkness, it's shrouded in mystery. He doesn't give much air about himself, except a hint of elegance (with his posture and the way he moves himself) and forwardness about him. When Nezumi is being threatening, I imagine his presence would be akin to a wild beast. It's very red and black mixed together and very muddled and menacing. I see Nezumi as dark and very solid colors (black, purple, grey, red), though there are times when I see him as lavender (when he is being soft to Shion).

2. (Taste) I imagine he'd taste salty for some reason. He also reminds me a bit of a bitter tea that's healthy for you. (Or unhealthy, I dunno!) (off-topic: I imagine he'd smell nice though - maybe he'd smell a bit like the rain or a very, very small hint of flowers/nature.)

3. (Sensation) I think Shion always said that Nezumi's fingers were cold, but I imagine his chest being very warm. Nezumi's face is probably cold too. I think some parts of him would be rough and callused too. He'd feel very fierce and strong.

1. (Brightness) Shion makes me think of pastel colors. At least, before he goes all Yandere (in which case, I imagine he'd adopt similar colors to Nezumi.) I always imagine Shion in bright lighting, with orange and yellow. (Maybe those colors just complement his red scar and white hair well... Mm...) I think it's also because of this contrast that I love Nezushi so much.

2. (Taste) if I say he would taste soft, would that make sense? maybe a little sweet too. Like softly baked bread fresh from the oven; warm, soft, sweet, melts in your mouth, and very satisfying. Shion tastes like a dinner roll.

3. (Sensation) Shion's warm, his fingers and hands are delicate and soft. He's scrawny and wouldn't be very comfy to hug since I imagine he's all skin and bones.

I haven't looked in depth into Safu's character so I can't say I've got a good handle on her. But this is just my interpretation..
1. (Brightness) She's bold and maybe colorful. I don't know if I would call her warm or cold, just very neutral. I see her in white. I guess she's like Shion in that there are times when her colors become very strong. She has solid colors, but she's not the dark sort. I think in terms of lighting, she will always be in a brightly lit place.

2. (Taste) Safu tastes like something that would linger in your mouth for a very long time. Her presence is strong and it's something that not everyone would like. I want to say she'd taste like coffee... Maybe a cappuccino? There's a lot of foam and milk to make it sweet, but it's not entirely sweet persay. It's still strong enough and has a good kick.

3. (Sensation) I imagine she's soft and very nice to hug. I really want to hug her now. *_*

1. (Brightness) His colors remind me of brown and green a bit. I see him shrouded in a bit of dusky lighting, kind of dark yet kind of light. It's that kind of time around sunset just before you turn the lights on.

2. (Taste) I think if you kiss a dog, that's what Inukashi would taste like. Maybe a little bitter and a little salty. A lot of hair.

3. (Sensation) Inukashi would be very soft too! Regardless of whatever gender he is.

 XD I love how we all managed to associate Nezumi with tea and confirm that Safu is super huggable.

I also like the idea of Inukashi being clay! It suits him very well. owo I think I started thinking in terms of huggability after Nezumi for sensation. >_>;;

I hope this helps. owo