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Re: Fanfiction Advice
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2015, 02:03:56 pm »
I just wonder about your all opinion here,

What you think typical NO.6 people would think about homosexual relation ship, I'm not talking about west block people because in that place is feel like no one care who sleep with who.
But as for Shion as head of RC, what you think people would act?

Soon in my ff, when boys will talk about their relationship, they'll decide to not show it too much to public, to not bother Shion's work. Still Shion will say that if it comes out to public (accidentally or something)  he won't be mind because he loves Nezumi and he don't care if it would hurt his image/position. 

Not everyone would choose major or chief of different sexuality, in NO.6 where relationships were mostly viewed as "they will make good, healthy and intelligent kids", I assume from Safu talk at beginning of novel.

I wonder what you think? We know that some countries are less tolerances then others, mine is more less then more. I'm asking because I wonder if not build this topic more after 9th act of my story and I wonder in with way to go...