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Re: Fanfiction Advice
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@lawlya: ahhhh tempting. I guess I can be patient, I'm just very curious now, haha XD

@kare_reiko: hm, I think they would be rather indifferent about same-sex couples in No. 6, actually, at least during the span of the story. No-one seems to mind in the West Block at least, especially since they have a more 'live your own life' mentality and are just happy enough if they can make it from one day to the next. Inside the city, it's a little more difficult to say since we don't know much to go on, but I don't think they care all that much as long as people contribute to the city. Safu was pretty blase about artificial insemination, saying it was encouraged by the city. I got the feeling that it implies quite some people decide to have children without a relationship that makes reproduction possible. I mean, Shion didn't get that Safu meant sex at first; he just thought she wanted his sperm and that alone. Which was apparently not such a strange thought, so that makes me think that single parents, same-sex couples raising children etc. might be a bit more common in No. 6.
Lost Town, there I don't know. It's the most similar to 'our' world out of all portions of the city, being less under the direct influence of the city while also not in complete poverty as the West Block.
And you're speaking of the period after the wall has come down, so that means that all these people have started to mix....

Overall, I think that the general opinion on same-sex relationships is a bit 'meh, I don't care, has nothing to do with me',  though some people might be opposed for various reasons, as it is in our world. I don't think Shion would do any coming out in the broader sense (saying he's attracted to men), just that he's with Nezumi - it's always been Nezumi to him, after all.

(General disclaimer that I'm Dutch and haven't touched much upon Japanese sociology re: same-sex couples, so my interpretation is very Western.)

... oh the joys of internet dying on me, haha. Sorry, I only just saw there were 2 more replies, hopefully I'm not repeating them too much.
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