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Re: Nezushi poetry
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:38:25 pm »
Okay, I know this topic has been inactive for ages, so I thought maybe I would sort of bring it back? I had to write a sonnet for my creative writing class, and it ended up being inspired by Nezumi and the West Block... so I thought I would post it here and see what you guys thought. I might post it on my blog later, but I'm not sure about it ^^;

It's called "Artist and Illusion"

A graceful artist claims a spot lit stage
weaving tales of woe and wonder for all,
a thirst for beauty his words assuage,
giving brief respite for a life banal.

With simple motion and a soothing voice,
all cares swept away on a gentle breeze
allowing even the lost to rejoice;
a fleeting reprieve from their ill at ease.

But someday this song will come to itís end;
the bright light will dim, the colors will fade
and what hope is left when we canít pretend?
If only from the truth we had not strayed.

With this song, a passing peace may be known;
petals of spring painted with words alone.